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Question 1:  Which of these beverages would you most likely drink during the first part of your day?

Diet Soda

Question 2:  After a meal, how full do you feel?

Very full - stuffed like it is always Thanksgiving
Comfortably full
Not full but not hungry
Still slightly hungry

Question 3:  If you were offered a snack between meals, which snack would you choose?


Question 4:  When eating frozen foods, how often do you check the label for sodium content?

I don't eat frozen foods

Question 5:  Throughout your day, what do you usually eat the most of?

Fruits or vegetables

Question 6:  If a restaurant serves you a very large serving size, what do you usually do?

Eat it all since it tastes so good
Take half of it home for later
Share it with your dinner partners
Try to eat half, but end up nibbling at it while everyone else finishes their food

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